Monday, August 30, 2010

If anyone wants to add me on LoL

1500 ELO; add LeetSkeetSkeet.

Can play virtually every champion in the game except Udyr and Corki, lol.

Down for ranked or normal.


  1. I play DotA, played it for around 5 years now. What's LoL like? Played HoN? What's your opinion on both? Or should I just go for SC2? Haha...

  2. LoL is a lot more hectic than DotA i'd say. Almost every character is OP if played correctly, I guess you could say that that is balanced but pretty soon it just turns into a skill or numbers game. But I still like it because it's very addictive and fun, you should give it a try. HoN is a lot more like DotA, it is a lot more unforgiving for dying and stuff like that, and it requires a lot more skill than LoL which is more of a faceroll at times. HoN also costs money, while LoL is free.

    I have not gotten a chance to play SC2! I wish, it looks very good and I've gotten good reviews from it. I am looking forward to Diablo 3 though :).

  3. wats up dude checkin my friends out love the blog bro love back?

  4. post up some videos bro

  5. HoN,DotA They're alright games for MMOs